Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine Yoga St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Eden Energy Medicine

What is Eden Energy Medicine? EEM

  • A method of identifying the imbalances within the body’s energy systems.
  • A comprehensive approach to self- directed healing
  • A safe and quickly effective modality for easing pain and distress in the body.

After the initial intake where we are gathering health and lifestyle information we begin by testing the energy systems to check for imbalances using Kinesiology (muscle testing).

During the 90 minute session we will apply healing/balancing modalities to your Chakras, Meridians, Radiant Circuits, Celtic Weave, Electrics, Auric Field, Triple Warmer, and Five Rhythms. These energy systems may be imbalanced from stress, emotional distress or a disease process that is present. Bringing these systems back to their balance state supports healing from the deepest aspect of your body. A written format of how to continue your healing process using EEM protocols and the Daily Energy Routine will be given at the end of the session.

You will feel a sense of wellbeing and calm after a session.


90 min. 175.00

60 min.  follow up session 90.00