Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Clients favorite massage, combines deep compression of muscle and connective tissue to relieve chronically tight or painful muscle holding pattern, then using Neuro Kinetic Therapy we test the muscles to bring correction and balance to the painful pattern. Intention of this treatment is to bring relaxation and pain reduction to your body.

60 min. 90.00

90 min. 150.00


Massage St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Custom Massage

Depending on your specific needs, we will utilize a combination of massage techniques. Modalities may include Swedish, trigger point release, myofascial release, meridian balancing, and fascia ball rolling release. All of these modalities are intended to allow the physical/mental body to release and let go to a deep relaxation.

60 min. 90.00

90 min. 150.00


La Stone Massage

La Stone therapy begins with gentle stretches and warm oil Swedish massage to warm up the body’s soft tissue, next the basalt river stones are heated to a perfect temperature and then slowly applied to the body… the deep penetrating heat of the stones release stress and ease muscles tension.

Expect to feel light and free after this session.

75 min. 125.00