Class Descriptions

Your Vision Will Become Clear… Only When you Look Into Your Heart.    Who Looks Outside, Dreams… Who Looks Inside, Awakens.Carl Jung
Flow Fundamentals St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Fundamentally Yoga


Become acquainted with yoga basics, slowly move into flow. This krama (art of intelligent progression) practice will instill new students with strength and knowledge to continue to evolve their practice. A slow led practice with time to pause and explore your awareness of breath and alignment. Experience a new perspective to your life.

Anahata Flow St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Anahata Shakti Flow

Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Get out of your mind and into your breath. When we invite breath into our bodies, it lights up the cellular body and the heart (Anahata) energy is infused into each cell. This practice will strengthen and bring balance in standing postures of twist and hip openers, followed with open heart backbends and arm balance.

Flow Connection St. Thomas Virgin Islands Yoga

Flow Connection

Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Yoga nourishes us… mind, body & spirit creating connection. Combining breath with an energetic mix of movement vinyasa, mandala & balancing postures. Leave feeling refreshed & grounded.

Vinyasa Power Flow St. Thomas Virgin Islands Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Vinyasa Power Flow is a lively, energetic, flowing style of yoga that synchronizes breath with movement. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work (pranayama). Modeled on the Ashtanga style of yoga. Modified versions of more challenging postures will always be given. Cultivate strength and mental clarity.

Slow Sweet Flow Yoga St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Sweet and Slow Flow

Beginner to Advanced Beginner

A practice of longer held postures with hands on adjustments to deepen the awareness of alignment and connect to the relationship of your feet into the earth and the spine opening into length in standing and seated postures. Experience light and freedom in your body.

Yin Yang Yoga St. Thomas Virgin Islands


Beginner to Intermediate

We begin with the practice of yin postures to allow the breath to stimulate the flow of energy and help nourish the joints by being in stillness. Moving into yang standing postures we may feel the deep openness of our joints as we find deeper alignment with our muscular/structural body. Peace within and contentment.

Yin Anahata Yoga St. Thomas Virgin Islands


All Levels

Yin yoga postures are more passive postures, mostly on the floor. The tissues of yin is ligament, bone and joint, as we relax and allow gravity to deepen our postures we experience a release of tension and stress in our being. This is a practice of deep letting go.

Aerial Yoga 3

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness

All Levels

The Aerial Flow practice is a unique class that blends the relaxation, flexibility, and flow of yoga with the strength and coordination of aerial arts. Build strength while increasing flexibility as you move through a series of poses, ending with a relaxing aerial meditation.
The Aerial Fitness practice combines all the aspects of a flow class with added emphasis of upper body and core strength moves..after working hard we end with a sweet meditation in your hammock.

TRX Shutterstock 2

TRX Full Body Fitness

All Levels

This TRX full body workout will simultaneously develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  Get fired up as we take you through instructive exercises that will target your primary and secondary muscles.  This high energy level class will definitely have you coming back for more.


Barre Classes

Varying Levels

There are various Barre classes offered at WildHeart Studio–Level 1 and Level 2 Barre for Lean Hard Bodies, as well as a Booty Boot Camp. Level 1 focuses on the fundamentals of Barre, emphasizing technique and proper form while going through the movements and exercises for a maximum of 2 sets, whereas Level 2 builds on the fundamentals and highlights integration throughout the body as you perform 3 to 4 sets of each exercise. Booty Boot Camp is a new Barre class we offer that structures the entire practice around toning, shaping and strengthening your lower body–all levels are welcome to this practice.