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Marshan Sam
Marshan Bio Pic

Marshan Sam

Yoga Teacher
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
Neuromuscular Bodyworker
Eden Energy Medicine
Medical Exercise Specialist


Marshan sees movement as a healing art and her passionate interest of anatomy and the anatomical form has led her to many teachers in the past 20 years.

Using the intention of energetic balanced flow and conscious alignment she allows the expression of the individual to let their body tell its story, so to heal in its own way.

She is deeply grateful to Shiva Rea and David Swenson for their brilliant teaching and continued lessons in the ways of yoga.

All classes and privates session are offered with deep respect for the individual and their healing journey.

Bri Heber
Bri Bio Pic

Bri Heber

Mindbody Aerial Fitness Instructor
TRX Full Body Instructor
Barre Fusion Instructor
Bootcamp Instructor

She’s an exercise enthusiast, a nutritional nerd and is mesmerized by movement.  Bri is a forever student when it comes to the human body and all of the interactions it has with its internal self and its surroundings.  Correct form and technique are the foundation of Bri’s sessions because she is such a huge proponent of preventative medicine through the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  Movement is not her only passion, she is also a strong believer that through nutrition you can heal from the inside out.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

Ari Rock

Ari Rocke

Aerial Mindbody Instructor
Barre Instructor
Pole Fitness

Ari fell in love with dance at a young age. She’s always been drawn to the beautiful movement combined with amazing strength. Five years ago she found pole fitness and it stole her heart. It drove Ari to become a licensed trainer and pursue a career in fitness. Ari’s training in pole led her to other aerial and circus arts such as the silks, lyra, and contortion. The teaching style of her classes are inspired by Pilates, dance and the aerial arts. Ari’s ultimate goal is to help her students equally gain strength, mobility, and flexibility.


Anahata Wellness & Movement’s goal is to create a restorative and empowering environment that leaves you feeling strengthened and refreshed. With our focus on stimulating a positive, balanced mind-body connection, we hope to provide you with a knowledge and clarity that extends into all aspects of your life.

We offer various classes in Yoga, and all-core exercise, such as Barre, TRX, Aerial and Boot Camps.  We also offer a wide variety of therapeutic movement and bodywork.


We are constantly striving to put together inspiring classes, seminars, and trainings to share with you.

All workshops are led by experts who are thrilled to share their diverse knowledge of various wellness practices, fitness, and nutrition. The workshops will offer you a unique experience and enable you to become thoroughly immersed in a single subject or technique over the course of an afternoon, a weekend or a series of weeks.